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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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says he pronounces his name, koch, he pronounces it cook. so used to be a guy named billy koch who had that spelling, a closer with oakland for a while. the koch brothers. but he pronounces it cook. so that's a new one. for that spelling. 3 and 2. and he gets a walk. denard span. the ball goes to the back stop. will take first base, giants have somebody aboard. and now angel pagan. >> sorry, that walk right there is also going to tighten things up for mr. koch. when you get out there, for your major league debut you find yourself in the middle of a pennant release, you start to
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spit, you start blowing cotton balls, you get a little dry mouth. all he is trying to do is find the adrenalin. >> pagan, home run back in the seventh inning, gave the giants the lead. giants have led this game at three different times and have not been able to onto any of them after pagan put them ahead in the seventh, the diamondbacks scored in the last of the sevens, and giants went back ahead of the tenth inning. and diamondbacks tied it in the tenth now we're in the 11th. pagan shows bunt, takes low. pagan, right-handed in the seventh inning. >> breaking ball, two-strike count. it's a hanger. escobar. and that was a big swing of the
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bat. >> only home run of the night for the giants, diamondbacks have hit three home runs in this game. 2 and 0. this is the 11th pitcher that has used by chip hale tonight. and mike -- by my count, let's, see, two, four, six, eight, 10 out of the bull pen. he has 11, in the 11-man bull pen. and this is the tenth of those 11 that he has used. giants have used five pitchers. four relievers. giants have ten relievers still that they can summon. 3 and 0 to pagan, buster posey on deck.
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>> looks like casilla going out and giving the young right-hander a pep talk. you got to sell it. kid, your stuff is unbelievable, they cannot hit you. >> 3 and 0 to pagan. and that is another walk. he has walked. first two hitters. in his first major league game. buster posey. >> mike butcher is going to come out and give the same sales pit pitch. right now you know what is going on between thes of matt koch. he is freaking out. this is going to be a very calming session if you can do it. try and relax this kid and get it back in the strike zone.
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>> joe nathan, only one up in the giant's bull pen, just kind of walking around. warmed up in the tenth inning. so here we go. buster posey, who is 0 for 5 in this game. 4 for 29 during the road trip. buster swung the bat really well in denver, a single and a double and a long sacrifice fly in that game. one of the times that he didn't get a hit he drilled right to the third base. and that is ball one. tonight he has grounded out three times and struck out twice. >> the longer it takes you to throw a strike, the harder it is to throw a strike. strike zone looks like a coffee cup right now in the eyes of
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matt koch. >> way outside. lunging to grab it. castillo, 2 and 0. >> and everybody in both dugouts knows what it feels like to have adrenalin surging through your arm. you lose the feel of your hand. you have so much arm speed, it's impossible to control your arm stroke. >> so on 13 pitches, ten out of the strike zone. 2 and 1. buster posy, old school idea -- don't swing it. >> i've always liked that rule. a lot of hitting coaches saying you need to get a pitch to hit. but if you have been a pitcher and you're out there in this situation it's almost impossible to throw a strike.
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>> so he has thrown one down, 2 and 1 to buster, i don't think he will take another one like that again. high in the air, deep right center field. back there is tomas. tagged up. and he makes it to third. deep drive to right center that fell a little bit short for buster posey. >> productive. posey would have been disappointed. i think he thought he had a chance to hit one out of here. >> now brandon crawford, the giants' rbi leader for the season comes up. to try and knock in a run that the giants badly need. crawford has gone 0 for 4. with a walk. his walks started the tenth inning rally. in which they ended up getting a
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run to go ahead. hunter pence, a right-handed hitter is on deck. and the middle infielders are not all the in. sort of the next stop to doing all the way pulled in. goldschmidt on at first with pagan. takes a strike. >> maybe -- just getting that out -- a calming influence for koch. going home with it. is goldschmidt, the tag. and ran right into -- slider out -- didn't do anything. >> well, that is a play that you have planned that you talk to by
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your third base coach. you're going on contact. really was no place for him to go. first baseman, pulled in, he is not a very tough road for goldschmidt. >> so pagan over to second. and that leaves it to hunter pence who has not been retired in this game. he has had two doubles, two singles and a walk. pence has scored four of the giants' six runs. four of the times he has been on base he has been knocked in. for a wild pitch.
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strike two call. >> two fastballs, outside corner. koch. >> just in the nick of time started throwing strikes and hitting his spots. >> once he got that one strike and 2-0 count for posey he settled down a bit. >> fastball, just keep going out there. you never know. pence in a protective mode, he may go chase that. it's not a bad pitch there. >> pagan at second. crawford at first, two down, 6- >> with an open base he could do that three more times. spikes that one off. >> he has got a cover. >> four-hit night for pence, but this was the biggest play
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defensively for the giants. that would have been a triple with one out. he takes the extra bags. from mitch haniger. that was a play back in the ninth inning. castillo. just got it. >> so koch could hardly have started worse but he gets through it.
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now to the last half of the 11th inning. giants had a couple of walks to start the. and then the three, four, five spots were not able to get it done against the rookie, koch, who got out of a really tight spot. so here is joe nathan, who is not a rookie, 41-year-old right-hander, trying to get the giants into the 12th inning of this game. what we see from nathan -- his one appearance with san francisco. with the cubs and giants combined, haven't given up anything, six base runners, five strikeouts, low 90s velocity, cut the fastball, pretty straight for the most part. his strength has always been to
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be able to shave the corners with the fastball. velocity not quite the same as it was earlier in his career. curveball still fantastic, a change-up, and he will throw anything, any time. never worry about strikes with nathan nathan. >> ball one to drury. drury hit a two-run homer back in the second inning. since then, called out on strikes, flied out to right and struck out swinging. ball and a strike. joe nathan -- coming back from tommy johns surgery, which -- the procedure was -- he was
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operated on last year. and back in the big leagues he had a few days with the chicago cubs in mid-season. curveball. base hit. there comes haniger. >> well, the issue, to see what chip hale does here, he has options. want to give up an out, move a runner in scoring position. the giants are going to protect. >> so we've got haniger at the plate. gosselin goes out on deck.
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90 miles an hour. joe nathan -- i remember years ago him as a very young pitcher getting a start in this ballpark. the d-backs had all of those veterans. matt williams, luis gonzales. and -- it was at a time when he was still a starting pitcher for the giants. the move to the bull pen did not occur until later on. joe nathan. a giant once again, they traded him away after -- or the 1999 season. is that right? or was it later on? >> well, let's take a look.
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now 2 and 1. worked out that -- the trade worked out well. he became an out stastanding cl with the minnesota twins. 2002 was his last year as a giant. or 2003, i beg your pardon. and nathan pitched in 78 games out of the bull pen. that year he became a full-time reliever but not a closer. he won 12 games that year as a reliever. 79 innings, 51 hits allowed. 83 strikeouts. he was part of the deal that got them a.j. pryzynski.
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now the top of the winning line, moving into scoring position. count goes to 3 and 1 to haniger. >> haniger, the situation now becomes, you have to get him over, get him in. short hop on the fastball. posey, little surprised at the location there. not having his glove in a good blocking position. 3 and 2. >> above the hands, right back up there and do it again.
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strikeout situation, second base, nobody out. believe me, joe nathan knows the deal. that is what he is known for pitching for. popped-up foul, out of play. >> any foul he can get he will take take. >> nathan in his third game with the giants. got into three games in his nine-day stay with the cubs earlier this year.
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could be deep enough to get drury to third. pence, with a long throw cut off. relays it. not in time. >> indeed, good at-bat for haniger. moves drury up 90 feet. now that changes everything. >> phil gosselin, the pinch-hitter. hitting .280. 200 at bats, just a couple of home runs. he has had 64 at bats as a pinch hitter. 17 pinch hits, including one
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home run. infield is this this, as you mentioned, mike, the outfield comes into a spot where you feel like they can catch a ball and still keep drury from scoring. one out. the possible winning run at third. ball one. >> talked about nobody out, strikeout situation. well, remember a third one out situation, that's a strikeout situation, too. it's a little bit different. because from joe nathan's perspective he has two bases to play with. so in his mind, every pitch can be an 0-2 pitch. if you ever have to give into him ever. >> swing, yes. or it was called a strike one way or the other.
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>> that's perfect. >> nathan has had five strikeouts in his three and a third innings in the big leagues this year. gosselin, .266 average as a pinch-hitter. just off the outside. 2 and 1. >> that was normally a 2-1 count, you walk him, so what, you still have a place. >> segura having an excellent year, but hitless tonight, on deck. 2 and 1 the count. that one was in there, maybe
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more in there than nathan wanted it. but it worked. a swinging strike. >> this is a 91 miles an hour fastball. it gets by him. swinging at that fastball, he has got to be thinking breaking ball. 2 and 2 the count. breaking ball is in the dirt, blocked by buster. >> blocked, thrown again. ñi buster posey.
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not dropped the sign yet. now he does. struck him out. >> could not have pitched him more beautifully than that. >> even with the target for posey, set his glove almost completely off the plate with two open bases and a pure strikeout situation nathan gets the strikeout. and he gets gosselin -- he gets him to go straight and swing out of the strike zone. beautiful. >> he is not out of the woods just yet, as segura, having an excellent year, one of the top hitters in the league for batting average comes up. big difference, now, two down. >> he has two bases to play with. you can pitch this to whoever you want to pitch to. >> segura had a hot year with the bat, but 0 for 5 tonight.
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behind him is owings, who has been red hot lately including tonight. behind segura. >> nobody, except for three guys have ever faced him. only one guy has a lifetime hit. that is ricky weeks. that is an advantage for a guy like nathan. if you can save the stuff for two strikes and get to it. >> one ball and no strikes to segura. struck out, come back, ground out to third, flied to shallow right, grounded out to second last time. 0 for 5. it was a gap, right center, pence on the run and the inning is over. that ball was hit hard. >> what a job of pitching for
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nathan. >> belt, panik, nunez, coming up.
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park get your tickets now. dominic leone is how they pronounce it. number 54, called from reno four days ago. 3.24 e.r.a., he was acquired last year in june, d-backs were in need of a catcher. and they made a deal with the seattle mariners for welington castillo. and he worked out brilliantly. they traded away mark trumbo. one of the guys they got with castillo was this right-handed pitcher, dominic leone. >> 24 years old, stocky guy, 5'11", 220 pounder, little over two years in the league.
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>> just a bit outside. >> a little bit high, maybe, too. >> low-to-mid 90s with a fastball. did not lack for arm speed on that particular pitch. got a curveball and a slider. curveball is a straight down slider. >> that is called a strikeout -- >> that is a dale scott special. that was a sometime bover. >> belt's had two singles, two walks, three at bats. been on base four times. 2 and 1. leone up earlier this year, in 20 games he has a 7.52 e.r.a. in 20 innings, 37 hits allowed. nearly two per inning, plus nine walks and a hit batsman.
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allowed 47 base runners in 20 and a third innings. called strike. another high strike. he has also allowed seven home runs in 20 and a third innings. he is the 12th arizona pitcher of the game. 2 and 2. they have three infielders stacked up on the right side. including the second baseman, segura, way out in the outfield. lamb, the second baseman, owings at third. >> he shook off a slider to get to another fastball.
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>> 3 and 2 at 95 miles an hour. leone is from south carolina. and went to clemson university. 3 and 2 the count. and he walks him. >> all fastballs. >> second baseman. >> fifth time that brandon belt has been on base tonight. so here is joe panik. panik, who has walked, singled home a run, and then been ret e retired three straight times. >> diamondbacks going to defend against the bunt.
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>> edwardo nunez on deck, 6-6th. in the 12th inning. ball one, and each team mou -- now in the last couple of innings had a chance to score. koch got out of it. the 41-year-old joe nathan gave up a single, threw a wild pitch, had a runner at second, nobody out. he got out of it. stranding a republunner at thir there was a runner at third and one out in nathan's inning. getting out of jams is what we've seen in the last couple of innings. that's a base hit. belt will stop at second, strong arm -- right fielder, tomas.
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two men on, nobody out for nunez. >> the fastball down. segura may have had a little lead towards the base, had to come back for his momentum. the point you think about tomas is a good one. he is not going to challenge his arm. another opportunity here, bruce bochy can do a number of things. defending against a bunt. >> meanwhile, corey gearrin. a right-hander, starts to warm up in the bull pen. goldschmidt, shallow in case of a bunt. nunez, sacrificed fly and a double, also had a single. bunts it fouled. >> that is a tip right there.
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he had a couple of sacrificed bunts with the twins before the giants acquired him in the trade. none with the giant. kelby tomlinson has come out on deck. giants have used their two pinch-hit possibilities. although they have adrianza as a switch-hitter. that's not very good either. >> well, i'm surprised you put a runner on a second time. >> every one of the bull penners coming out of the pen with the giants have all been right-handers. >> they have six lefties left. >> they have plenty of arms.
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that is not the issue with bruce bochy bochy. >> just off the outside. and now, roberto kelly calls to nunez saying let's talk. for now and for the rest of the season. >> i can't argue with you. >> 1 and 2 the count. he has been knocking in runs, knocked in two tonight and six on this road trip. that's out of play off to the right. >> runs are


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